RE: NTLK Time Trax is too good to be true!!!

From: Marty (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 01:31:48 CDT

>Hey, maybe they'll give you a break and give you two codes. If
>they don't, however, don't get too mad at them. They're following
>software industry procedures, not pulling some dastardly trick on you.

This is really kind of BS. When you pay for software you are paying for
a license to use it. What about if you decide to move from an MP120 to
a 2100?

My girlfriend uses Timetrax on her 120, and I am hoping that when the
time comes for her to move up to the 2100, the nice people at Timetrax
will issue her another code.

But, I basically agree with Ermin. When you pay for software, you have
a right to use it. You can only really use one machine at a time, and
that is why binding the unlock codes to the Owner name seems to make
more sense to me. This allows you to have it installed on multiple
machines and to upgrade to different hardware as long as it isn't being
installed by other owners.

Of course if you decide to change your name, you are SOL...


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