NTLK Time Trax is too good to be true!!!

From: Ermin Mistica (angel316@earthlink.net)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 01:46:28 CDT

Hey Guys,

I just discovered Time Trax. It's this awesome Date Book Application that
replaces the Dates Application on Newton OS 2.x. I love how it allows you to
categorize your ToDo items and also alows you to print out your Month View.

I was gonna register for the application when I found that the Unlock Key
they give you is based on the Hardware and not your Owner Name. After
reading the License Agreement it appears that the company only gives you the
Unlock Key for the program to be used on one Newton only. I wanted to buy
the thing to use on my MP2100 and my eMate 300. I hate this. I wrote the
company to ask if they give out more than one Unlock Key with the one
purchase. I mean come on!!! I'm the owner!!!

At any rate I so fell in love with the look of Time Trax. Does anyone know
of an alternative? I know that there were some other Dates enhancements and
replacements out there.

To you guys I turn to in this time of despair. :( I'm not about to purchase
the package twice over. I love the program but come on, I'm a college
student for crying out loud!!!

Oh yeah if anyone is interested in checking out Time Trax here is the


Oh well. I guess you can't have you package use it one more than one Newton
at a time. (Unless someone has a hack that won't let it expire. Any leads?
I'd love you forever and do your homework!!!)

One miffed Newton owner,

Ermin Mistica

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