Re: NTLK 2 serial ports?

Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 09:44:33 CDT

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Wolf Lichtenberger wrote:
> Does that mean you actually DID manage to convince the Newt to use its 2nd
> port?
> Every source i know of told me you'd not only extra hardware (a port
> driver/line conditioner chip at least) but also an extra driver program for
> the second port.

It's another port. Just like the main serial port, and the two PCMCIA
slots, and to a certain extent the IR port. Any piece of code that
accesses the main serial port can access the modem port by having one
constant changed. If you have the source, you can trivially add it to the
list of valid ports. Otherwise hacking is needed.

NIE can, I believe, be hacked by editing your internet setups. Now, I
didn't have a driver hooked up so I couldn't actually test that part
fully, but it tried to connect and behaved as expected...

I did have code that would flip the handshaking pins before too, I"m 99%
sure. It was a few years ago, so I'd have to search code archives...

Bottom line, though is that the hardware side is the only real


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