Re: NTLK Re: NCU and 9.04 problem

From: peter brigg (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 13:22:01 CDT

I'm having the same problem. I downloaded NCU 1.0 and reinstalled on a hd with 9.04. I can make a backup every time but attempts to synch to Claris organiser 2.0 crash NCU with a -1
error. This appears to happen only on backing up Dates, not names and notebook and to-do. It is, of course, dates that i need most. Are there any other suggestions??


markr13 wrote:

> >Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 02:15:54 EDT
> >From:
> >Subject: NCU and 9.04 problem
> >Since upgrading to 9.04 on my iMAC I have had problems connecting my MP 2100
> >for backup or file transfer using NCU. In trying to export a Newton Works
> >document I get "communications error" with the iMAC disconnecting and my
> >Message Pad freezing up, requiring a back button restart. Things used to
> >work up to 9.0
> >Any suggestions?
> >Thank you
> >Bruce N.
> You may have to reinstall NCU. Apples's installers tend to wipe out
> several serial extensions that NCU needs. You will then need to reset
> the NCU prefs.
> Mark Ross

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