Re: NTLK Network apps

From: Tom Law (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 13:01:13 CDT


If you mean do basic unix utility type stuff, then try PT100. It is a
telnet application for the Newton that runs on 2.x and it uses NIE.

I have it and use it to do some of the things you talk about.

Hope this helps,

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Lairson, David L wrote:

> Hi,
> Does there exist and apps for the Newton (2.x OS) that might allow the
> Newton to be used as a network testing tool type thing? I Know, real
> descriptive... I have an Emate with a 3com network card. I can get on the
> network here at work from anywhere in the plant just by plugging into the
> nearest port. What I would like to be able to do is use it to test network
> connectivity, like showing the DHCP server stats, logon server, being able
> to ping certain servers in the plant that are important, you know generally
> useful network testing stuff.
> Thanks,
> David
> IT Helpdesk
> International Truck and Engine Group
> "Quidquid latine dictum sit, profundum viditur"

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