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From: Benjamin Ing (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 10:13:01 CDT

 I picked this up in another post on the list ....

Subject: Free Internet Provider FreeWWWeb and Setup
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G'Day All,

After seeing an e-mail on this group about the free internet service
provider FreeWWWeb (, I gave it a try on my Newt
130. After entering the options suggested and hacking a few other login
script options I got it to work and it works well, (add free). Here are the
setup parameters I used with NIE 1.1:

Link Protocol: PPP
Newton's IP: Dynamic
Gateway IP: Dynamic
Name Server:
Domain: Not required, use "." say.
Login Script:
    Wait for: ":"
    Send: "#"
    Send User Name
    Send: carrage return
    Wait for: "word:"
    Timeout: 60 sec

Mail setup:
    POP3: Your provider, (does not have to be FreeWWWebs)
    SMTP: Your provider, (does not have to be FreeWWWebs)

I'd be interested to know what other people are using for the login script.
Although the above works okay, I'm sure it could be shorter.

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