NTLK Help with Farallon ethernet cards

From: thwizard (thwizard@cyberrealm.net)
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 10:31:29 CDT

Dear fellow NTLKers,

I have encountered a problem with the assignment of numbers on the
Farallon ethernet cards and which ones actually work in the Newton.
It has been reported that the REV: B and the REV: C cards work in the
Newton, while the REV: A card does not. But I am using the REV: A card
and it functions perfectly.
Maybe you could check your cards out and email me the info. What is the
number on the back of the card, what type of connector are you using
(the direct connector or the two-port dongle.) I can maybe then
determine which cards work and which cards do not.

This problem is further confusing, since some of the cards have been
sold as PN595 or as PN895 systems. I believe the PN595 and the PN895
only differ by the type of connectors they use. I have used both types
of connectors with these "PN895" cards.

Tim Hoyt, Wizard  <%{=
Department of Chemistry  (W) 253 879 3833
University of Puget Sound  (H) 253 564 8970
1500 N Warner
Tacoma, WA 98416  email: thoyt@ups.edu

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