Re: NTLK [Looking for testers] Fork Methods

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 08:04:28 CDT

>Runs perfectly (if slowly) on my eMate:
Thanks Michael.

(the code is not totally perfect and it waits a lot to synchronize
the radio buttons, while it could instead go to sleep saving
batteries - for the same animation I mean).

BTW, it doesn't work on MP130 (That's what Chris Ruprecht told le).
I made a complete guide for test 2 with ViewFrame (which allows to
make it work if it doesn't, and extend the note in all cases).

I have such input for none of the newtons I don't have.


The test instruction.

step a/ getting the information concerning the functions I am looking for:
Type into ViewFrame's input line:

then press the Eval button.

There should be a list of elements. Two are of interest. Here is what
VF says on my MP2100

0: {#6} >statusTemplate
1: 'BuildContext
2: 'initialSetup
3: 'progressSlip
4: [2: #4]
5: 'FilterDialog
6: 'evt.ex.cancel
7: 'evt.ex
8: 'Array
9: newCfunc(#2)
10: 'Cancel
11: 'GetRoot
12: 'RemoveSlot
13: 'Close
14: 'Rethrow

Please note the number before the newCfunc(#2) (there should be only
one). (in my sample: 9)
Then tap that line. It should say something like:

class: immediate:weird_immediate Ref(306)
funcPtr: 7027162
numArgs: 2

Please note the funcPtr

Then get back (by pressing the < button at the right of the Fmt button)
Then note the number before the element with > statusTemplate (you
may not have #6). (in my sample: 0)

Then set the input line (where you typed
GetGlobalFn('DoProgress).literals) the following text:
(just add [X].SetStatus.literals)
where X is the number for this element (0 in my sample).
You may need to tap the arrow under the keyboard icon to extend
enough the input line to type that.

You should have something like:
0: [2: #3]
1: 'viewSet
2: newCfunc(#0)
3: 'runFlag
4: 'evt.ex.cancel
5: 'Throw

Please note the number before the newCfunc(#0).
Then tap this line.
You should have something like:
class: immediate: weird_immediate: Ref(306)
funcPtr: 7028204
numArgs: 0

Please note the funcPtr.

step b/ getting information on your device so that I will be able to
identify it.
In the input line, tap:
You should have a list with many information.
Please note what you got for the following slots:
manufacturer (well, you have an Apple, so you should have 16777216)
machineType (my MP2100 says it is a MP2x00: 268447744)
ROMStage (my MP2100 says it is US: 32768)
ROMVersion (my MP2100 says it is 2.2: 131074)

step c/ sending me all the information. Please also tell me if you
agree that I put your name in the credits part of the technote.

setp d/ I'll build a new version of the sample and update the
technote. I'll send you the sample to check that it works. Tell me if
it does. (it should normally).

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