RE: NTLK dongle port problem

From: Soyan Kyheng (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 15:16:07 CDT

>'m having difficulty with the dongle port on an UMP2k. It worked fine the
>last time I used NCU but I recently discovered a problem when I tried to use
>a keyboard. There is no connection happening at all now, either with a
>keyboard or with any connection software. The problem is not with the dongle
>itself or with the keyboard as both work fine on another UMP2K.
>Could this be a software issue?
Sometime, when a keyboard is connected, you need to switch off and on the Newton to make it recognize it.

>Will doing a brainwipe fix this?
>I am reluctant to try this approach as I have no way of backing up before
>doing it.
>Is it most likely a problem with the hardware of the Newton itself?
If it doesn't work, you can have an interconnect port a little bit loose.

>Any help is greatly appreciated.

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