RE: NTLK modem/connection errors

From: Soyan Kyheng (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 15:16:07 CDT

>I was attempting to connect to my ISP when I kept hitting errors
>-8007 followed by -48205.I removed Simple mail 4 and reinstalled
>Enroute 1.4.3b1 to see if that might help (I was having problems with
>simple mail and planned on going back to enroute anyway). Same
>problem occurs with enroute. I've tried to check my modem setting
>(TDK 2814C) and I can't find any problems with the setting.
Do the errors arrive during the PPP negociation? Can you connect on the web with nethopper or newtscape?

>In my frustration I decided to do some straightening up in the
>extensions folder and foolishly removed the Newton Devices extension.
>Consequently I have now lost access to my Farallon ethernet card so I
>can not connect to my iBook and reinstall/rebuild by newton from the
>last archive.
The best way is to download the extension directly on the newton from the web. But you have to get a working connection to the net.

>Any suggestions as to how I might get my modem connection working again?

Hope this can help you a little bit thought. ;-)

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