Re: NTLK Re: MP3 decoding chip?

Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 21:57:01 CDT

On 17 Jul 2000, Stainless Steel Rat wrote:

> * <> on Mon, 17 Jul 2000
> | Already got one. I'm actually interested in being able to do streaming
> | over WaveLAN around my university campus. Having a couple hundred
> | megabytes of audio would be rather nice on demand...
> Ahh... IEEE 802.11 really doesn't have the bandwidth for that sort of
> thing.

Huh? Why would you claim that? WaveLAN does signalling at 11Mbps. MP3s
are around 128kbps usually. That's around a factor of 100x slower than
you need. I know that there are inefficiences and overhead, but they
aren't that huge.

I have personally spoken to people who have played MP3s over a large scale
production WaveLAN system that only runs at 2Mbps.

I don't know why you believe it doesn't have the bandwidth, but I can
assure you that it does...


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