NTLK Re: MP2X00 stylus

From: Wayne Toews (wayne.toews@sk.sympatico.ca)
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 09:06:20 CDT

Hello listers,

> >Bill Davis replied:
>>>Don't know what you mean by the "titanium stylus". Are you referring to
>>>the one that came with the 2x00, or a third party stylus?
>>I answer:
>>I was referring to the stylus that came with the 2X00. It appears
>>that it should be easy to replace the tip if one is available. I
>>read that a wooden stylus would be a good substitute for the plastic
>>tipped ones. Do you agree?
>The stylus that came with the 2x00 is plastic, not titanium.
>Replacement tips are not available. You just replace the whole stylus.
The one that came with my 2X00 is some sort of metal. I asked about
the tip because the tip of mine came loose and I was able to screw it
in to tighten it when I used some shim material. When I have seen
the stylus on E-bay it has been referred to as a titanium stylus so I
thought that was the usual name for it.

>I would not use a wooden stylus (never seen any, either, at least not for
>the TIP.
I appreciate your advice.

Wayne Toews
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