NTLK Off topic: minidisk for Newton (not really)

From: Prentiss.Gray@gecits.ge.com
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 09:42:55 CDT

What a cool topic! I just got one, and coincidentally, I just spent half a
day finding out if there was such a thing as a minidisk drive for a PC.
There is. Its the Sony MDH-10, However, I only found a listing on the Sony
Japanese site. You can get specifications from the Sony Fast fact Fax line,
in English. Its basically a Minidisk player with a SCSI port. The surprise
was the capacity rating, 140 Mb. How do I get a whole CD on a Minidisk
then? I have converted most of my CDs, much more durable and convenient.

Now, all we need is a driver for the PCMCIA SCSI cards for the Newton.......

Prentiss S. N. Gray
Senior Systems Engineer
GE Capital - Information Technology Solutions

"No matter where you go, there you are"
- Buckaroo Bansai

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