NTLK RE: Avantgo web sites with Newton Broswers

From: James Simons (jesimons@bigplanet.com)
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 11:57:02 CDT

it's true.. they do hide their URLs.. i'm not sure if you own a handheld,
that will run AvantGo's little piece of software, if you can strip the URLs
or not..

i'm thinking of getting a palm to do this specifically for the Newton's
benefit.. as fast as they can put them up, will be as fast as i post them up
on my site..

i'm tired of being locked out of content that i can benefit from.. either
AvantGo or WAP sites.. or even hidden low-graphic/text sites..

a petition to AvantGo will go nowhere, they aren't going to support a "dead"
platform, and will alert them to people (like me) lifting their URLs.. and
they will probably get pissed about me offering thier "content" to
non-AvantGo subscribers.. (I am, even though i do not own a wince or palm..)

hell, they don't even support Epoc-based handhelds.. wince and palm are it
for them..

so, if anyone has a cheeseball palm that will run the latest avantgo
software, and you wanna sell it for cheap.. email me..


"Calvin Grier" <cgrier@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

Avantgo is trying to lock out non-Avantgo users from getting to handheld
friendly web content. They are doing this by asking content providers to
sign exclusivity agreements. Not all content providers have done this, and
some have mirrored their content to other URLs that are not restricted.

That's sort-of like making HTML authors sign an exclusivity contract with
Netscape (or Mosaic) because they "created" the idea of putting HTML
documents on the Internet.

Anbody want to mount a legal challenge to Avantgo? Maybe we should start a
petition ....

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