Re: Re: NTLK Claris Organizer 2.0

Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 01:05:43 CDT

Okay, I have all the pieces but I am not clear on synching...

I have a newton mp130, NCU 1.0, and Claris Organizer v2.0.2. From what i have
read on the lists so far is that it is possible to sync from a Mac (serial
port) to a Newton. First question:
what is synching?
Does it mean that if i enter info into my Newton at a given time, then I
enter different info on my computer at another time, when I initiate a sync
the info from the computer will be loaded to my MP130, and the new info from
my MP130 will get loaded into Claris Organizer v2.0.2 on my computer? or is
it one way only? (Only new info from the Newton gets loaded to the computer
or only new info from computer gets loaded to the Newton?)

Second question:
What is involved in synching? When I request to sync from claris organizer a
dialog box opens up looking for a file. Is this how synching is supposed to
work? via a file? I thought it means a direct link to the newton.

Third question:
Is synching possible from NCU? I initiated a connection between my Newton and
computer via the connection utility on the Newton and NCU 1.0. Then I choose
the Sync option on NCU and some stuff happens (dialog box opens, some data
seems to get prepared for transfer, etc etc) but when all is said and done,
no new data appears on my Newton or my computer.

I really appreciate if anyone can shed some wisdom, I am at a loss and i want
to get things rolling :-)

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