Re: NTLK Backup problems from nowhere on 9.0 (not 9.0.4)

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 16:01:52 CDT

Peter Krug wrote:

> >Peter Krug wrote:
> > > Help! In the last few weeks I haven't been able to back up my little
> > > green buddy!! I've tried reinstalling NCU, even downloaded a copy of
> >
> Laurent wrote:
> >What kind of connection are you using? I would suggest AppleTalk.
> >Then, instead of the "Apple Modem Tool" connection tool, you would
> >need the "AppleTalk Tool", then make sure NCU and
> >your Newton are set to connect using AppleTalk.
> I'm using an ethernet card, and the Appletalk ADSP tool is present
> (NBU installed it).
> >
> >Also, don't try to backup any external Flash RAM card. Just start
> >with the Newton internal store. If possible, try not to run any
> >concurrent application when backing up. Make sure you
> >give at least 8MB of RAM to NCU, more if you can. If the backup
> >succeeds, then you might think about giving more memory to NCU
> >(maybe 8MB base + the size of your card, so with a 16MB
> >card, that would be 24MB of RAM allocated to NCU).
> I gave it 50 MB but no avail. It still disconnects my Newton/iMac
> connection while backing up the system information. The same happens
> without my RAM card installed.
> >
> >Finally, make sure that you're starting a new backup, not an
> >incremental one. Check your backup folder, in the NCU folder. Move
> >out any file that might be there.
> The folder is empty. Again, I am able to install packages and I was
> able to backup about 1 month ago. Could I have some file damaged on
> the Newton that is crashing NCU? I get error -1 on the mac after the
> disconnection.

If it always fail when backing up the system information, I would suspect something is wrong in the system soup. If you want to experiment, try backing up to your external card using
SBM Utilities. Do a hard reset, making sure you remove the card before doing so. Check the FAQ for the proper steps. Make sure SBM Utilities in on the card as well. Then, restore
everything, but the system soup. Warning: you will have to reconfigure your Newton, and you might have to enter a bunch of registration codes for 3rd party apps again. You might want to
try to perform the backup again. Like I said, you will loose a lot of settings, as much applications store their preferences in the system soup, so it might be painful to start with a
new system soup, but it might be the only way to go if you want to perform a backup. One last question: have you been able to connect reliably with NCU, using your ethernet card? For
instance, have you been able to install packages on your MP? I'm asking just to make sure you have all required ethernet drivers, before you dump your system soup. Have you been able to
backup before, using the same hardware/software that you're using right now? Anything that might have changed? If you are sure that nothing changed, then it might well be something
wrong with your system soup, and you might want to try what I described above.

Good luck!

Laurent Daudelin
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