Re: NTLK Cellular phone connection - please help!

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 00:46:48 CDT

On 7/24/00 8:44 AM, SERGEI V. ORLOV [mailto:ORLOV@LLGM.COM] wrote:

>I've spent the whole day seaching the web for solutions to use my Motorola
>StarTAC phone with Newton MP2000, but have not found anything. It's
>strange, but Motorola (who is participating in PowerPC manufacturing) does
>not support the Mac platform, and while there are lots of solutions for
>Windows CE, Palm and Psion, there are no IrDA drivers for Newton.

Hi, Sergei!

Remember -- the Newton is not a Macintosh. Totally different operating

When you have a Newton question:

1. Check the FAQ ( and the other FAQ's it lists
2. Ask here
3. Ask on comp.sys.newton.misc
4. Check the Apple Newton message boards in their support area, or the Newton boards.

And the Newton has also been discontinued for over 2+ years and wasn't
that popular when it did ship so it's unlikely you'll find much in the
way of support directly from Motorola anymore (although Motorola DID make
it's own Newton model for a while; wireless too!)

> Can someone explain me please what are the available solutions (if any).
>I buy a usual PC card modem and then somehow plug it into the phone (where
>can I get the necessary cables)? Thank you, fellow Newton users, in advance!

I'm sure someone here can tell you how to get it to work (I think I
recall people doing so), but you should tell us WHICH StarTAC model you
have. There are many, as I recall. That'll probably be necessary to
answer your question.

 - Bill

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