NTLK Mobile phones and Newton

From: Olaf Bohlen (firefox@joanna.alphapop.de)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 02:27:13 CDT

Hi there,

i played a little with mobile phones and my Newton 2100. I can
only speak of GSM networks and these phones, because i did not
have access to another network type.
what works is:

- Siemens S25,S35,C35i,M35: use following settings:
  Modem: 14.4 Alternate 1 and Standard port.

- Motorola Timeport
  Modem: 14.4 and Standard port.

What doesn´t worked were my experiments with an Nokia 7110. It
seems that this phone does not answer with "OK" for the first AT
command the newton sends. Maybe you have to play with the

Connection to your mobile phone via IrDA for data communication
works partly: All data which is send in IrDA via IrOBEX is
supported, IrCOMM is not implemented yet.


Olaf 'Holger' Bohlen

Olaf Bohlen            | Mail: firefox@joanna.alphapop.de
Stedinger Str. 230     | PGP-Key via pgp.ai.mit.edu
D-27753 Delmenhorst    | IRC: firefox01 @ #germany
Phone: +49-179-5056850 | #germany.ger,#linux.de,#bremen
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