NTLK newton questions

From: Dan Wormhoudt (dtw@ricochet.net)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 23:20:54 CDT

Yo, Newtonia

I own two Newton 2100 MessagePads, to which I am devoted and which I use
every day. However, support for the Newton from Apple is an uncertain
business at best and so I am writing in the hope that someine can advise
me concerning a couple of questions and also tell me were I can buy the
necessary equipment to modify my Newtons. I should note that I am
virtually computer illiterate and so I hope people will respond to my
questions patiently and in detail.

Currently, I use a Ricochet wireless modem with my Newtons to
communicate via the internet. This is a terrific solution in those
areas where Ricochet has its network up and running but, alas, the
network is still limited in geographic scope. It occurs to me that I
could supplement the Ricochet with a standard plug-in phone land line
modem but I have no idea which modem to buy, nor do I know how to
install it. Apple is no help on this score; in theory, they continue to
support the Newton but the theory fails in application. Can anyone
assist me with a recommendation for a plug-in modem and tell me who
sells what the recommended equipment?

Second, when connected to the internet, there are numerous websites that
I cannot access (for example, my company's lotus ccmail system). The
problem appears to be that the Newton can’t handle “cookies,” which I
gather are codes that provide security, among other things. Is there a
way to increase the power or add to the software of NetHopper so that
the Newton can communicate with complicated websites? Does anyone sell
another browser for the Newton or NetHopper upgrades?

Third, I think I remember hearing that Apple or other vendors
manufactured plug-in memory cards for the Newton that considerably
enhanced its storage capacity. Is this so, and if so, who sells the

Thanks to any of you who can help.


Dan Wormhoudt

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