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Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 00:54:02 CDT

On 7/26/00 11:20 PM, Dan Wormhoudt [] wrote:

>Yo, Newtonia
>I own two Newton 2100 MessagePads, to which I am devoted and which I use
>every day. However, support for the Newton from Apple is an uncertain
>business at best and so I am writing in the hope that someine can advise
>me concerning a couple of questions and also tell me were I can buy the
>necessary equipment to modify my Newtons. I should note that I am
>virtually computer illiterate and so I hope people will respond to my
>questions patiently and in detail.

If you're using two Newton's, wirelessly, and are have found this place
and posted successfully, you're NOT computer illiterate as you think.
Give yourself some credit.

My THERE'S a computer illiterate. ;-) Still tries to type "l"
and "o" for one and zero, and press RETURN at the end of each line on the
screen in a word processor. Can't break him of it, or the habit of
calling diskettes "tapes". ;-) I love him, but he drives me to
distraction....when computers are involved. Still prefers a typewriter.

>Currently, I use a Ricochet wireless modem with my Newtons to
>communicate via the internet. This is a terrific solution in those
>areas where Ricochet has its network up and running but, alas, the
>network is still limited in geographic scope. It occurs to me that I
>could supplement the Ricochet with a standard plug-in phone land line
>modem but I have no idea which modem to buy, nor do I know how to
>install it. Apple is no help on this score; in theory, they continue to
>support the Newton but the theory fails in application.

Have you tried the Newton support forum in the support area of the Apple
web site?

If so and it didn't help, you've definitely come to the right place
(about the ONLY place, aside from the comp.sys.newton newsgroups and a
few Newton/PDA web sites with forums for the Newton)

> Can anyone
>assist me with a recommendation for a plug-in modem and tell me who
>sells what the recommended equipment?

See the Newton FAQ at

for info on modems. (The one at Info-Newt is searchable....)

The DNUG Newton Versions web page also has a link to a modem page:

Be aware you can also use Ethernet cards in your 2100, if you're in a
location with an Ethernet connection to the Internet, or if you have DSL
or Cable modem access to the 'Net.

>Second, when connected to the internet, there are numerous websites that
>I cannot access (for example, my company's lotus ccmail system). The
>problem appears to be that the Newton can’t handle “cookies,” which I
>gather are codes that provide security, among other things. Is there a
>way to increase the power or add to the software of NetHopper so that
>the Newton can communicate with complicated websites?

No, not with NetHopper anyway.

If the site REQUIRES cookies or's crappily designed.
Find another site with similar services and no cookies, if possible.

> Does anyone sell another browser for the Newton or NetHopper upgrades?

There are several alternative browsers to NetHopper. Newt's Cape and
Luna Suite. Dunno if they do cookies, though. Steve Weyer (author of
Newt's Cape) is around here someplace....Steve?

Steve is still updating Newt's Cape, by the way. I recommend supporting

Anyway, see the FAQ for links to other web browsers.

>Third, I think I remember hearing that Apple or other vendors
>manufactured plug-in memory cards for the Newton that considerably
>enhanced its storage capacity. Is this so, and if so, who sells the

See the FAQ for info about memory cards; basically you need LINEAR FLASH
RAM PCMCIA card. It's getting VERY expensive these days, and hard to
find (you almost certainly will NOT be able to find it in a local store;
they're pretty much only mail order). There is a fellow, Paul Braham,
selling 6MB flash cards for $35, an excellent deal. See, near the top of the page, for details. He gives us a
contribution for each card sold so we can pay the costs of keeping the
site's server running (or will, anyway...still haven't gotten any moola
from him....despite having helped him sell 150-200 cards. Gotta remind
him again and get him an updated list of readers who purchased due to his
"ad" on Info-Newt.)

 - Bill

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