Re: NTLK Using a Stowaway Keyboard with a Newton

From: Michael J. Hussmann (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 05:04:11 CDT

Grant [Waxing Robotic]Hutchinson ( wrote:

> Considering that it's possible to run a Newton keyboard connected to a
> Palm, wouldn't it be theoretically possible to use a Palm-compatible
> Stowaway keyboard (you know, those funky articulated units that fold down
> to the size of a PDA themselves...) with a Newton?

The Newton keyboard is a serial device and the Palm/Visor port is a
serial port, so in principle it should be possible to connect the
Stowaway to the Newton. You only need to figure out which line is which.
The slightly trickier part is the software you need to write -- a little
extension that makes the Newton believe the Stowaway is really a Newton
keyboard. As far as I remember, someone on this list had already figured
out the protocol used by the Newton keyboard.

Michael J. Hussmann

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