Re: NTLK Using a Stowaway Keyboard with a Newton

From: Michael J. Hu▀mann (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 18:15:55 CDT

Benjamin Ing ( wrote:

> Actually, the Palm Pocket Keyboard is a serial device, but the Stowaway
> Portable Keyboard for the Visor is a USB device.

Are you sure? I saw the Stowaway demoed in January (Macworld Expo San
Francisco, at the Handspring booth), and then again in May, at the
European Visor launch -- both times I saw a serial version, and I've
never heard about Targus having changed that. Given that the Visor has no
USB port, it's somewhat unlikely anyway (the standard docking station is
indeed a USB device, but the Visor's port is serial, just as the Palm's).

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