Re: NTLK Using a Stowaway Keyboard with a Newton

From: Benjamin Ing (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 00:40:58 CDT

on 7/29/00 4:15 PM, Michael J. Hu▀mann at wrote:

> Are you sure? I saw the Stowaway demoed in January (Macworld Expo San
> Francisco, at the Handspring booth), and then again in May, at the
> European Visor launch -- both times I saw a serial version, and I've
> never heard about Targus having changed that. Given that the Visor has no
> USB port, it's somewhat unlikely anyway (the standard docking station is
> indeed a USB device, but the Visor's port is serial, just as the Palm's).

As I understand it, the Visor port is USB - that is one of their touted
advantages over Palm, and is one of the reasons that they are still at v3.1
software. The HotSync is faster on a Visor because of the higher speed USB

Considering the fact that it is possible to get a USB cable, but a serial
connection requires a dock, I am almost certain that the Visor uses a USB
port. On the Palm lists, there has been discussion about the electronics in
the serial port. As well, the Stowaway specifically says that it is for
Handsprings only, and claims to be a USB device. At least mine does ... ;-)


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