Re: NTLK Using a Stowaway Keyboard with a Newton

From: Michael J. Hu▀mann (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 12:53:05 CDT

Benjamin Ing ( wrote:

> As well, the Stowaway specifically says that it is for
> Handsprings only, and claims to be a USB device. At least mine does ... ;-)

There's nowhere any mention of USB on the Targus website. The fact that
Targus' version of the Stowaway is for Visors only should come as no
surprise, and not just because Targus sold the distribution rights for
the Palm versions to Palm: the Stowaway from Palm cames in three
different versions, as the serial ports of the different models are all
slightly different (which is why each Palm needs a different cradle), and
the Visor's serial port is different again. But note that the Visor's
port, mechanical incompatibilities aside, has eight contacts, just like
the Palm's, whereas only four were needed for USB.

The Stowaway can't be a USB device for one reason: on the USB bus, there
is always exactly one host controller and up to 127 peripherals. If the
keyboard was a USB device, either it or the Visor would have to be the
host controller, but the Visor can't be the host because it is plugged
into a Mac's or PC's host controller itself, and the keyboard can't be a
host controller because it is powered from the Visor. Needless to say,
just plugging one USB peripheral into another won't work.

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