RE: NTLK Implant a success!!

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 09:24:07 CDT

>Welcome to the world of High-Performance Newtoneering! I can't agree more
>with what you say about the machine being able to keep up with you thinking.
>The speed increase doesn't seem like that much on paper but it definitely
>puts it over a certain threshhold where the annoyance factor almost
>disappears. The other place I really notice it is in Notes searches.
I have been using my MP2100 with Implant for more than a year and my second unit (spare) is now with pixSolution for the Implant. I tried for about a week using my upgraded MP2000 (no implant) and found myself longing to go back to my upgraded MP.

The speed difference is more the annoyance factor. It is like going back to using an older/slower computer after you've used a faster unit. I can safely say that the Implant have "spoiled" all those who've had it done. There's just no going back.

Kenny Song
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