NTLK Implant a success!!

From: Drew Loker (lokerd@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 02:50:31 CDT

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been gone so long. I unsubscribed when I headed
out of town a few weeks back and just haven't been able to catch up since it

I have had some great news I wanted to share. Many of you were very
instrumental in helping to self install the Implant Accel with Solder
Station recommendation, pictures, advice, etc. Well, it was a success.

I was pretty nervous and all, even waited a couple of weeks after getting
the part in, but finally gave it a whirl. I was really in shock that it
worked out. Butr I am even more in shock at how much it helps. It really
make the newton the useful tool it needs to be, in terms of speed. I am
certain that it isn't just that it is a lot faster now, it is just that
before, there was just enough of a delay when I was trying to use it in
everyday application, that it was annoying. Such as somebody waiting on me
to give me info. But now it is so cool, it keeps up better with my writing,
I can look up names as quick as I can think of their name. I used to hate
hainv to loook up names if they were the second part of the alphabet. I
coudl go, but my Newt actually is keeping up with my thinking is about the
best way I can put it!!

If anybody is thinking about getting it done, and doesn't mind sinking yet
another $100+ into a "dying" (for lack of a better word...please don't flame
me) machine (but ever so useful). I am just smiling at all those poor folks
in my office that have gotten a Palm recently. They think they are so great
as they have to hook up to their laptops to do anything with them! HA! I
don't even bother telling them what it is like to have a PDA that is a stand
alone, and large enough to actually use for PDA puproses!! :)

Ooopps. [Soapbox off]

Anyway, thanks Newtonians!

Drew Loker
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