Re: NTLK Implant a success!!

From: Drew Loker (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 09:11:51 CDT

>As you learn how the Newt works with the new implant,
>can you keep a log of minor annoyances? I mean
>anything that kinda works funky and not like it used
>to. things like network card interoperability, battery
>life, quickness of handwriting conversion...things

Well, other than the stated documented things that get lost, like the
interconenct port and too fast of sounds for music (or I suppose games would
sound a lit different, but not useless), I really haven't found anything
else not to work. I have not tried the newtork card because I was not able
to get it to work before Accel and just haven't had time to figure it all
out yet.

The one thing I can definately share is with how the accel is turned off. A
major annoyance is that turning off the acce conflicts with the backlight
operation. However, I have worked out a solution. First the problem. To turn
off the accel, you have to hold in the power button for 3 seconds. This
turns onthe back lighting. The problem is that if you want the backlight on,
but not turn off the accel. Not a problem during the day since you can just
use a silk screen or other method of turning on the light. The solution has
been to use sleepaid that turns the backlight on every time I turn the newt
on, which I then just go turn off if I don't need it. I seem to recall some
app that looks at the time of day before acting on basic user defined sets,
but can not recall if it controlled the backlight operation. The other
annoying thing about the turning off of the accel, is that it only stays off
until the power goes off (sleep). When you wake it back up, the accel is
back on. This is ok if you are working off of a powersupply, but a bit of
challenge if you are working off of battery. I have all but stored my
keyboard for the time being until I get a power adapter for work. At work, I
use my Newton right next to my laptop. I woudl use the keyboard for the
usual newt stuff, but I did a lot of going back and forth between the phone,
laptop and newton, and have to turn the newt on a lot. To use the keyboard,
you have to turn off the accel, but it would come right back on as soon as
it poweroff and then back on. I am currious to find out if nap works in that
it will keep the accel off it I turned it off. I wish there was a button
that turned it off, and then back on, and only back on when it was pressed.
On the other hand, the fact that it turns back on so easily is nice. And, in
all practaclity, I don't need the dad gum keyboard as much any more since
handwriting is so much more improved. In fact, I am thinking about selling
the keyboard just to help pay for the accel.

If you have a newtork card, from the text online, you will probably loose
it's operation when the accel is on. Based onteh above, if you ahve a power
suply where you conenct to the network, you shoudl nothave any trouble. On
the up side, if you do any dialup, connecting to the internet is actually

As far as batteyr consumption, this is hard to tell if it is consuming more,
or I am just ABLE to use the Newton more. The fact thatthe back light comes
on everytime i use the Newton is I am sure a small factor. I would think
that it is going to use a little more power, but because I am actually using
my Newton more (simply because it is more useful with the accel) I am going
tohave to get a pwer adapter at work and home.

Over all, as I mentioned in the original post, the accel. I think has
breathed much needed new life into a nearly exhausted resource. I mean, I
was using my Newton, don't ge tme wrong. It manages my life. But there were
so many things that tested it's limits. It just wasn't quite fast enough to
keep up with me. I don't like waiting. WIth the accel, it moves about as
fast as I can click. It is worth any annoyance so far. What more can I say?

>planning the implant route...(Haven't yet figured out
>how to get the money to Germany though)

Tht's easy. I just sent him a personal check, which he accepted. Once it
cleared, he sent out the item. He has a US Bank that he uses. This took me a
while also since I had read amessage from him, that sounded like he wanted
cash or equivalent, but after talking withh him some more, I realized he
just wanted the money in his account before he mailed it out.
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