NTLK serious battery problems

From: Thomas-Fr.Mittring (mittrin@uni-muenster.de)
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 17:03:10 CDT

hello everybody,
i am in trouble:
my newton 130's battery (original accu) seems to suffer. connected to
"normal" power, the newton works fine, unfortunately the battery does not
charge properly.

in detail:
i have got two accus (original!), both of them do not charge as they
should: 3 of the four cells have the correct voltage, one of them (e.g.
nr 3 or no. 4) have no voltage at all.

the message i receive when starting from battery is:

your battery is extremly low etc ... (in german, sorry for the

what can i do?
do i have to bury my accus singing sad songs?

the contacts seem o.k., as far as my voltage tester works.

please help me!

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