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From: Jesse Wilson (jesse_w@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 18:23:43 CDT

Hi, I signed up for this newtontalk mailing list a
while ago, and thought it was great at first... Now I
don't mean any harm to this mailing list, but in my
humble opinion, I urge everyone to start using
newted's messageboards.

The mailing list is just a pain in the butt for me...
The digests are just so disorganized, filled with
email headers, and people's signatures, making it
difficult to find what I'm looking for. A nice
organized messageboard like that on newted is much
better for me to deal with.

The problem is that not too many people use it... most
everyone's using this mailing list. I would hate to
see a better service stop because no one's using it,
they're all stuck on the cumbersome mailing list. I
urge everyone in the Newton community to at least go
take a look at newted.dyndns.org. Hey, wouldn't you
rather be using the Newton than one of those
underpowered Palms that everyone uses?

In case your wondering, I'm not affiliated in any way
with the newted website team. I'm just a codemonkey
for a small data company in Colorado. I just like the
newted messageboards, and would like to see more
people using them!

-Jesse Wilson

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