NTLK Re: NTLK:newted messageboards

From: Jesse Wilson (jesse_w@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 02:36:30 CDT

Whoa, shot down in flames I guess... =P

Maybe it's a glitch with my Newton's mail reader, but
it always cut off the digests... time to figure out
how to switch my subscription... then again, I don't
every discussion going on here flooding my inbox...
on another topic, are there any Newton email clients
that allow you to filter incoming email to different
in/out box folders?

As for the ad banner's and interface, there are no ad
banners, and the interface is very nice, imho.

The beauty of the messageboard is it has everything
categorized and is easy to follow. If you wanted to
look at the discussion on this topic, instead of
sifting through the messages titled "NTLK:newted
messageboards", you'd just click on that topic in
whatever category it's under (general discussion in
this case) and there you go.

But hey, to each his own, I suppose. As for me, I'm
staying with both most definitely... I'm very
pleasantly surprised with how much activity there has
been here. =) It'd be nice if the two systems could
somehow be integrated. =P


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