NTLK Re:(2) NTLK:newted messageboards

From: Wolf Lichtenberger (w_l@gmx.net)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 04:57:56 CDT

Hi y'all,

on Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Jesse Wilson wrote:
> Whoa, shot down in flames I guess... =P

i believe you asked for it, in a way. Maybe some negative adjectives next time,

> Maybe it's a glitch with my Newton's mail reader, but
> it always cut off the digests...

looks like the MIME attachments struck again, perhaps. Some mail clients tend to
believe that nothing worthwhile comes after an attachment. So on this list, we'd
rather have URLs instead (as i, too, have been reminded of ;-).

> time to figure out
> how to switch my subscription... then again, I don't
> every discussion going on here flooding my inbox...

I never even tried reading mail on my Newt. For one thing, i'm kind of a
collector; i don't like deleting, so 3 year old mails still lurk somewhere
here. For another, this list generates 50 mails a day on average - a volume i'd
rather not direct into my Newt...

> on another topic, are there any Newton email clients
> that allow you to filter incoming email to different
> in/out box folders?

SimpleMail 4.1, when it comes out. 4.0 had this, but a bug in filtering lost
memory each time when a mail moved to another folder.

> As for the ad banner's and interface, there are no ad
> banners, and the interface is very nice, imho.

Right you are, IMHO. Slow loading here, though, even via 768kBd DSL. Reminded me
of the PDAdash discussion forums at smaller.com - same engine?
> The beauty of the messageboard is it has everything categorized

sort of pre-threaded, huh?

> and is easy to follow. If you wanted to
> look at the discussion on this topic, instead of
> sifting through the messages titled "NTLK:newted
> messageboards", you'd just click on that topic in
> whatever category it's under (general discussion in
> this case) and there you go.

Just an interface problem, then. When your mail client understands threading (i
know only of "TheBat" for Windows), then you would have nearly the thing you
want: a thread topic (subject) list to choose from.
    But the articles get displayed one at a time in any mail client i know
of. Seems better to me, though: the header and article start always display in
the same place on the screen, which IMHO makes for easier reading.
    Sadly, though, very many mail clients don't generate the header field
Reference-Id: from the Message-Id: of the answered article, so real mail
threading (by reference) is sketchy at best. 8^(
Threading (and referencing!), by the way, is mandatory for news readers...

> But hey, to each his own, I suppose. As for me, I'm staying with both most
> definitely... I'm very pleasantly surprised with how much activity there has
> been here. =) It'd be nice if the two systems could somehow be integrated.

OK, so do it! There's IMHO three things necessary:
1) a program to import and sort NewtonTalk into thread pages,
2) a program to post replies to NewtonTalk
3) the consent and/or support of the organisators at Newted Community and

The first could be easy if for each new article on NewtonTalk your program
looks for the correct thread page (or makes a new one) (by perhaps reading the
thread list page) and then sort of posts the article there. The posting form
code should give an example of how to do this.
The 2nd should be easily integrated with the posting form, when posting from
the web page.
Looks like it could be done. Good luck in uniting our audiences! 8^)

-- Wolf
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