Re: NTLK More programming questions

From: Jim Geldermann (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 05:33:44 CDT

In your projectData file put the following:

RemoveScript := func(partframe)

//Cleanup your soup

        local mysoup := getstores()[0]:getsoup("MinnSoup:GELDERMANN");
                        if mySoup then mySoup:RemovefromStore();

        local tsoup := getstores()[0]:getsoup("TranSoup:GELDERMANN");
                        if tSoup then tSoup:RemovefromStore();

print("We came to see a car wreck");

>>From: Jim Anderson <>
>> I'm using the Windows version of NTK, and I want to add a deletion
>>script to an app. I've added a text file containing this code:
>>SetPartFrameSlot('deletionScript, func()
>> foreach store in GetStores() do
>> if s:HasSoup("ObStrat:NarcFish") then
>> s:GetSoup("ObStrat:NarcFish"):RemoveFromStoreXmit
>> When I scrub the app, though, the deletion script doesn't get
>>called. I'm pretty sure I've written the code correctly. Is there something
>>else I need to do to get this to work?
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