Re: NTLK NOS and memory cards- low level info needed

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 14:47:02 CDT

Brian wrote:
>The company who purchased the rights to the Intel linear flash RAM is still
>making the cards, seriesI/seriesII, 2-40megs, 5/12V under their own label,
>but they say they've not tested them in MP's much.
>When I asked about their stuff, they wanted the info so they would have a
>better idea of how compatible they would be.

Well, there are two things:
a/ the chip
b/ the card manufacturer.

There are two chips brand, Intel & AMD. Both are compatible, but not
with all Newtons. In fact, this is due to the voltage of the cards.
5/12 won't work with Newtons (I don't know this by heart, but I think
it only concerns the emates) unable to have a 12 V output. The other
problem is size, and this depends on the OS version.
Cent Technology makes card with Intel chips, as far as I remember.
Those should work. So does Pretec cards.

>is the address, but they don't have anything up about pricing, their sales
>people are supposed to email me.

But their pricing is rather high compared to the cards Paul Braham
sells, or timasci. At least, we never had a direct answer from them,
and we contacted resellers in France, who gave us the public prices.
In fact, we even envisaged to import cards to Europe. But we weren't
able to have really better prices than pretec or timasci for the
small Newton market, and when P. Braham offered his 6 megs Intel
cards for $35 each, we stopped the investigation.

You can still try to get better prices, but I am not sure you will succeed.

Best regards,


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