Re: NTLK NOS and memory cards- low level info needed

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 16:02:00 CDT

>timaSci is out f the 5/12V intel cars at the moment, expecting some soon

And Pretec?
There is also Alix, AFAIR.

>To switch topics a little, I've got a 4 meg card

Linear Flash, I suppose.

>that tests fine on Win95
>using the intel "erase and test" util- it says it passes all test, go ahead
>and format it. I don't have a util (yet- just downloaded today I hope) to
>format it on the win95 laptop, but formatting on the Newton seems to work,
>but attempted package install give a card store error (obj. not found, I
>think: -10660? or similar).

It is very probably -10606.

-10660 is really unknown (at least to me).
-10600 is the base for Store errors, which are defined from 0 to 22.

BTW, here is a nice comment:

#define kSError_BadPSSID
                (kStoreError_Base - 16) /* totally martian PSSID */

>Ideas of why this may be? this is in fact why I'm looking into another
>flash card at the moment.
Did you format it using the Prefs Slip?
Some Store errors denotes hardware (flash, since stores can only be
on flash cards, until I fix this *little* bug) problem. But the
object not found error is not obviously triggered by hardware problem.



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