From: Brian Cambourne (bcambrn@uow.edu.au)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 19:23:24 CDT

Dear Newton Lovers,
I found a site and downloaded the updated versions of NCU. I installed it
on both my new G3 and my old 3400 without any trouble. Both machines Have
Mac OS 9.0

However I must be doing something wrong. I keep get the signal that " The
serial port is already in use" from the 3400 and " the stealth port is
already in use" on the G3

Here are the settings I'm using.
Powerbook 3400 (home)
Apple talk is on. Connect via Remote only

Newton Connection preferences : Connect through Apple talk. Printer-modem
port left unchecked

I try to connect through the serial option In the Dock menu.

G3 ( at work)
Apple talk is on
Connect through Modem-printer port

NCU preferences: Check both Apple talk & "Stealth " port. ( There is no
printer modem option)

No matter which combinations i try I continue to get the message: Serial/
Stealth port in use.

Brian Cambourne

Brian Cambourne
Faculty of Education
 University of Wollongong
Northfields Rd WOLLONGONG
Phone: 0242-214197
Fax: 0242214657
Email: brian_cambourne@uow.edu.au
For International calls dial 61 and delete the first 0
(e.g 61--242-213973)

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