Re: NTLK Memory card error -10606

From: THX 1138 (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 21:24:19 CDT

On 09:09 PM 6/1/00 Brian McEwen <> quoth:

> >Brian also has such an error (object not found) with the card.
> >To be honest, yes, I am scared that you will need to erase it.
> >
> >But what happens next, could you use it once erased?
>I hope her experience is different, but:
> I just found the (hopefully) right util to
>format Intel cards on the laptop (the util I have used previously does a
>diagnostic and erases the card, but does not format it for Windows).
>Unfortunately it will be a day or so before I have a chance to try the new
>Win95 util out, though.

I had my 4 meg AMD card do this to me last night, fortunately AMD's card
formatter on my Win98 laptop did the trick. It seems to be card specific,
but if you'd like, let me know and I'll point you towards it, it took a bit
of looking on AMD's site.



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