From: Bill Davis (newton@ecity.net)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 21:51:49 CDT

On 6/1/2000 7:23 PM, Brian Cambourne [mailto:bcambrn@uow.edu.au] wrote:

>Dear Newton Lovers,
>I found a site and downloaded the updated versions of NCU. I installed it
>on both my new G3 and my old 3400 without any trouble. Both machines Have
>Mac OS 9.0
>However I must be doing something wrong. I keep get the signal that " The
>serial port is already in use" from the 3400 and " the stealth port is
>already in use" on the G3
>Here are the settings I'm using.
>Powerbook 3400 (home)
>Apple talk is on. Connect via Remote only

There's your problem -- Remote Only is for use with Remote Access. You
need to choose Printer/Modem port.

If you have fax modem software installed, make sure it's set to not
receive/wait for faxes otherwise the port will be tied up.

>Newton Connection preferences : Connect through Apple talk. Printer-modem
>port left unchecked

Again, you need to choose Printer-Modem port.

>I try to connect through the serial option In the Dock menu.
>G3 ( at work)
>Apple talk is on
>Connect through Modem-printer port
>NCU preferences: Check both Apple talk & "Stealth " port. ( There is no
>printer modem option)
>No matter which combinations i try I continue to get the message: Serial/
>Stealth port in use.

Again, check to see if you have fax software and make sure it's not set
to receive/wait for incoming faxes.

Better yet -- both of those Mac have built-in Ethernet. If you're using
a 2000, 2100 or eMate (you didn't say what kind of Newton you had), get
an Ethernet card for your Newton (see the FAQ for cards that will work
and the necessary drivers) and an Ethernet hub and use Ethernet with NCU
-- a zillion times faster.

 - Bill

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