From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 09:52:05 CDT

Brian Cambourne wrote:

> Dear Laurent,
> Thank you so much for your advice re gettting the upgraded version of NCU
> to work.
> I followed your instructions with my old PB 3400 and NCU came to life.
> Before I knew it I was up-loadingand down-loading things between my MP2100
> ( upgraded) and my beloved 3400 just like I could before my hard drive hard
> to be replaced.
> I used the serial cable which came with the MP2100 set the NCU preferences
> for "Appletalk" and "Printer-modem port" and set Appletalk on my 3400 to
> "remote". -- and Bingo-- it worked.
> I've not had similar success with my new G3, Blue Tower model which the uni
> put on my desk a few months ago.
> Because it has no serial port I use a connector which comes out of the
> back of my G#3 which fits into the Newton connector-dongle and seems to
> connect me to the Uni network. My Newt will find any number of Uni printers
> all over the uni using this cable and print things for me, BUT it will NOT:
> 1. Recognise any of the MAC OS computers on the network,which means that I
> can't down load my field notes from my Newton when I come back to the uni
> after doing research in the field. This frustrates me because I've often
> hooked my 3400 up to the same cable and it will talk to all of the other
> cmputers on the network. I'm puzzled as to why my Newton will talk to the
> printers on the network but not anything else.
> 2. Recognise NCU when I open it up on the G# 3 Blue tower Mac. It ells me
> "the stealth port" is in use.
> Can you gelp solve the problem with the G#3 as effectively as you did with
> the 3400?

Hi Brian,

I don't know how you could fix your B&W problem. Did you try the same setup than your 3400, including the same cable? If NCU is telling you that the port is in use, then it really means
it. That means that an extension or a background only application is grabbing the port at boot time and doesn't release it. Did you try to boot the B&W with just a reduced set of
extension? Like "Mac OS base <insert your OS version here> plus any required extension to drive this Stealth port?

That's all I can think of. There must be someting on your B&W that grabs the port and until you find it, you won't be able to use it in any application, including NCU.

Laurent Daudelin
Developer, Adaptive Infrastructure, CIS Fannie Mae
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