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From: Esposito, Philip (Philip.Esposito@pmg-awwc.com)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 07:49:11 CDT

Red Ghost wrote:

> I just got a Message pad 2000 and find the battery pack is dead. Where
> one find a new one.. or the battery equivalent.. and the door to keep them
> in?

You can check on eBay for rechargeable battery packs. Beware of gouged
prices, though. The original rechargeable battery pack for the 2000-2100 was
sold for $29.95 initially. You can
also try to find a battery cage that will let you use regular alkalines, or
other rechargeable batteries that you recharge in their own charger.


Note, however, battery prices maybe high because Apple is no longer
manufacturing them nor do they have any in stock. You'll have to pay
whatever you are willing to in order to get a rechargeable. You can also
check the Newton classifieds--they are usually cheaper than ebay. Also, for
all out there interested, Sun Remarketing has the specs to manufacture the
batteries and are looking into whether this would be profitable--let them
know if you are interested.
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