NTLK card seizes up Newton

From: KMcComb@nycboe.net
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 08:13:12 CDT

Once more into the breach with a nagging question.

I had removed my card from my MP120 (for what reason I don't remember now -
it was trivial) and when I returned it to the slot, it did the usual reload
of the things stored on the card. The unusual thing is that it not locks up
when it reaches one specific package (one that I'd like to delete anyway).
It did not do this before, and I can't honestly recall doing anything to
either the card or the MP120 that would cause this. Either way - is there a
way of breaking out of this freeze-up so that I can remove that offending

If you respond, please respond to kinsfire@earthlink.net, since I won't be
able to read my work e-mail until Monday, and there are things I REALLY need
to do with my Newton over the weekend....Thanks in advance for ANY help you
can give.

Keith McComb
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