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From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 16:29:37 CDT

>At 11:01 04.06.00 -0700, you wrote:
>>I have been giving a newton 120 with a bunch of stuff. I do not know how to
>>recharge this external battery back, or the proper use of the back. It
>>looks like six triple A (AAA)batteries that have been wrapped in plastic.
>>At the top is a cable that has an adapter attached that plugs into the
>>newton. The battery has a label that gives a cautions and says Nicd. The
>>cable has plastic male/female "docking station" that when detached shows the
>>battery having two parallel female ends and the extra piece (the one with
>>the plug that goes to the newton) has the two parallel male leads. Please
>the battery booster is simply a box holding 4 AA batteries; connected to a
>Newton you get more
>battery time to work with - thats all. You have to use an external NC
>Charger for charging the NCs in the

Lui, you seem to have been missing the point :) - As Mike describes,
his booster pack has 6, not 4 cells in it. But you made a good pint -
if the cells cal be removed from the pack, they can be charged in
just any old battery charger. Mike, can that be done or is the
plastic wrapping of the sort which would break the unit when you try
to open it?
I have never seen the booster pack, and I don't recall Apple making
one, but there are so many 3rd party companies, making all sorts of

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