Re: NTLK Re Battery Booster

Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 17:26:12 CDT

On 4 xxx -1, Michael Manthey wrote:
> I know only of the booster-pack that holds 8 AA batteries, but there may
> have been a different one for the Newtons from OMP to 120. Didn't OMP and
> 110 use AAA batteries? Anyway: the booster-pack I have plugs into the

The MP110 is physically almost the same as teh 120/130, and uses AAs.
Worse screen than the 120 or the OMP / MP100, but otherwise not much
different. Oh, and the 120 can be upgraded to OS 2.0 as well; the 110 is
not upgradeable. I believe the 110 uses flash memory; the OMP / MP 100
use SRAM so removing all power can kill your data.

The OMP and MP100 are the same form factor, the only difference being the
ROMs. Otherwise they are precisely identical.

> Newton like the external power-adaptor. It's simply an external
> battery-holder that adds the extra battery-life of 8 external alcalines to
> your internal 4 batteries. The manual says for optimum yield it should not
> be used with the rechargeable battery-pack, otherwise the rechargeable
> will drain the external alcalines.

Right. It'll charge the rechargeables from the external pack - it can't
tell the difference between it and a wall wart power supply.


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