Re: NTLK Link between MP2100 and Palm Vx

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 00:36:16 CDT

On 6/2/00 9:03 AM, Stanley Ng [] wrote:

>Is there a way of synchronising or moving information (Dates, Names etc)
>from a MP2100 to a Palm Vx? I vaguely remember this being discussed before,
>but would appreciate any pointers.
>Many thanks!

(Side Note to Paul Guyot -- more detail on the intricacies and
limitations of using Palm Desktop Mac with NCU might be a very good FAQ
addition -- this seems to be coming up a LOT. I've got some notes here
somewhere on what problems/limitations/solutions I encountered in my
first attempt. If you think it'd be a good FAQ addition, let me know and
I'll dig it out and clean it up for you. In the interim, the information
below could be used.)

Stan -

BackTalk ( can be used for beaming some data via
InfraRed between Palms and Newtons

Palm Desktop v2 for Macntosh ( can sync or import data
exported from NCU

WARNING: The Palm's applications are FAR, FAR less powerful than the
Newton. Unless you stick to having all your Newton data limited by the
limitations of the Palm, you'll have lots of problems with Palm Desktop.
Once you experiment and learn the vagaries, then clean up your data, it
might be practical. Alas, I have so MUCH data, it'd take me a week of
solid work to do the necessary cleanup.... (nearly 1000 addresses, over
1000 notes, etc, etc.)

You may also want to set NCU to make the Newton "win" when synching, to
avoid having synching hose your data too much.

IMPORTANT: When experimenting with this, BEFORE you do:

1) Make a fresh backup (move your existing backup files elsewhere)
1a) Move the fresh backup files somewhere else too
2) Make ANOTHER fresh backup and move THOSE files somewhere else, too
(NO this is NOT overkill!)
3) Export your all your data to text files (or whatever formats that your
computer can use). This isn't overkill either!

If you export in Claris Organizer format, Palm Desktop can "Merge" (on
the file menu) those files. You can also SYNC with an existing Palm
Desktop "user" file.

You'll need to disable the Instant Palm Desktop extension, or temporarily
create and switch to a different Palm Desktop "user" (data file) when
synching your Palm Desktop data with NCU otherwise NCU won't be able to
open the file (because Palm Desktop has it open)

 - Bill

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