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Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 00:23:04 CDT

On 6/2/00 10:28 AM, Laurent Daudelin
[] wrote:

>Brian Cambourne wrote:
>> Dear Newton Lovers,
>> I found a site and downloaded the updated versions of NCU. I installed it
>> on both my new G3 and my old 3400 without any trouble. Both machines Have
>> Mac OS 9.0
>> However I must be doing something wrong. I keep get the signal that " The
>> serial port is already in use" from the 3400 and " the stealth port is
>> already in use" on the G3

>I'm not sure about your problem, but thought I would try guessing ;-)
>First, what kind of physical connection do you have between your MP (BTW,
>what model is it?) and your computers? If it's the serial cable that came
>with the MP, then you must go serial
>all the way. You *can't* use AppleTalk. So, you must unchecked AppleTalk
>in NCU and check or select "Serial".

Not true -- I often would use AppleTalk instead of Serial with NCU over a
plain old Newton to Mac serial cable before I got an Ethernet card for my
2100 (which is what Brian should get if he as a 2x00 or eMate, by the
way, since I think both his devices are Ethernet capable - the iMac
already has it, and the 3400 may...and it has PCMCIA card slot, so he
could add another card there, if it doesn't have it built-in).

 AppleTalk between two devices over a serial cable works fine. The only
thing you CAN'T do with such a cable is daisy-chain additional LocalTalk
devices. But if you don't have any other devices, a plain old serial
cable does work with NCU (and other devices too.)

Appletalk over a serial cable or Localtalk/PhoneNet cable is much faster
than just plain Serial. (230kbps vs maybe 56k or 120k, I forget the speed)

And Appletalk over Ethernet is HUGELY faster still. Well worth the money.
>You mention your "new G3". What model is it? Starting with the Blue &
>White G3s, there is no longer a serial port. I'm curious about what the
>"Stealth" port is, maybe some kind of
>USB-Serial adapter? We would need more details here regarding your

That's probably the Stealth Serial Port (, I think....),
which put a true serial port in the slot where the B*W G3's modem goes
(replacing the modem, if you had one). A friend of mine has one of those
- he bought it so he could do LocalTalk to his printer and internal file
sharing, since is AT&T @Home Internet connection starting freaking out
his AppleTalk over Ethernet activities all of a sudden (it kept going up
and down and up and down....)

 - Bill

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