NTLK SimpleMail 4 Memory Leakage Report

From: Victor Rehorst (chuma@chuma.org)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 10:41:03 CDT

For the past two days I've been using a cleanly formatted Apple 2MB Card exclusively for storing In/Out box entries, specifically e-Mail received and sent by SimpleMail 4.0.

I have a MP2100 original and patch 710031.

As of right now, the Memory Info dialog reports 560K used On the card, and 1273K free, which adds up to 1833K which is the maximum formatted capacity of the card.

However, when I go into the Storage folder in Extras and tap on the In / Out box Soup, I'm told there are 111 items totalling 361K.

This seems to me like a memory leakage of 199K.

Tonight after I back up my In /out box with NewtDump I'll clear the soup on the card and see it it frees up the "missing" 199K.

Victor Rehorst - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
victor@eddie.cis.uoguelph.ca - chuma@chuma.org - vrehorst@newted.dyndns.org
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