Re: NTLK SimpleMail 4 Memory Leakage Report

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 11:17:43 CDT

>For the past two days I've been using a cleanly formatted Apple 2MB
>Card exclusively for storing In/Out box entries, specifically e-Mail
>received and sent by SimpleMail 4.0.
>I have a MP2100 original and patch 710031.
>As of right now, the Memory Info dialog reports 560K used On the
>card, and 1273K free, which adds up to 1833K which is the maximum
>formatted capacity of the card.
>However, when I go into the Storage folder in Extras and tap on the
>In / Out box Soup, I'm told there are 111 items totalling 361K.
>This seems to me like a memory leakage of 199K.
>Tonight after I back up my In /out box with NewtDump I'll clear the
>soup on the card and see it it frees up the "missing" 199K.

There may be several other elements on the card:
a/ soup index. This is maybe not counted in the soup use
b/ elements are fragmented. Like any other filesystem, there may be
holes in database entries because they are allocated by blocks.
c/ additional information. This can be on the soup & on the store.
d/ store catalog.
e/ (although not in the 199, but explains 2MB = 1833K), the system
maintains some blocks on the flash cards for erasal purpose.

Hope this helps.



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