NTLK Rotring review

From: T.M. Camp (tmcamp@fusionary.com)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 14:36:50 CDT

I've been using the Rotring Quatro for a couple of months now and have been
very satisfied with the way the tip works on the (protected) Newton screen.
Particularly compared with what I was using before (Throttle, see
review/slam below). The tip is comparable to the Newton's 'natural' stylus,
in my opinion.

Prior to the Rotring, I was using an Executive Throttle from ttools and I
really disliked it. Although the weight of the pen was great for writing, it
was too heavy for a shirt pocket and the 'always on' stylus would dig a
small hole in my shirt pocket by the end of the day. Also, the silver bullet
design didn't do a whole lot for me, personally.

With the Throttle, I found that the stylus tip would break very often,
sometimes during use. I narrowly avoided gouging through my screen protector
and scratching the display two or three times. Even when it worked, the
smaller tip was too sharp and tapered for the screen protectors, wearing
down the screen protector -- I could still see the embossed letters after I
had written them. Within a day, a new screen protector would look like it
was a month old.

Finally, the danger of jabbing a heavy piece of sharp metal into the screen
was too much for me. I went shopping for something new.

The Quatro is nice, although the tip selection takes some getting used to.
But it doesn't slow me down, really. And having the variety of
ink/tip/pencil is nice. It isn't as heavy as the Throttle, but safer. The
design is a little to conservative for me (I know, I'm fickle) but overall
I've been pretty happy with it.

But finding the replacements is difficult. Fortunately, a kind soul on the
list (hi C.J.) has gone out of their way to help out.

I know there were a few people who wanted to know mroe about it without
having to buy one. You might consider going to Office Depot or some such
place, picking one up and giving the stylus a test drive there in the store.
Or you could buy it, use the stylus for an evening to get the feel of it,
and return it the next day of it doesn't work out.

But don't use the ink, 'cause that would be stealing.

Enough already,

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   Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616.454.6827 fax

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