Re: NTLK Rotling disapeared???

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 13:01:24 CDT

Laurent Daudelin wrote:

> After a few messages, I'm trying to locate the Rotting site, but all my
> attempts failed. The usual "" returns "Future Home of a
> Dotser Registered Domain". "" returns a similar page,
> from a different domain registering company. I've thought I've seen some
> time ago a site from the Rotling company.
> Searching for Rotling at OfficeMax returned a Rotling Quattro that seems
> to be sold by a Czechoslovakia company called "Koh-I-Noor". At least,
> that's what the search returned, the Quattro and also the Serie 600
> Rotling pen. I went to see the "Koh-I-Noor" site but couldn't find any
> reference to the Rotling pen there. So, I'm really puzzled...
> So, it seems like Rotling has disapeared from the face of the Earth...
> Anybody has any idea?

I should have mentioned "Rotring", with a "r", not "Rotling" with an "l". Sorry about the confusion. I still have the same problems, though. "" returns a "Host name
lookup failure". Same for "".

I did a search in the "" for 800 numbers. Found one occurence of a specialized store called World Pen, that is selling the Rotring. Sure enough, in the link section,
they have a link for Rotring and it's dead ( I did email them to ask if Rotring was still there. Very strange, though...

So, if anyone knows how to get in touch with them, I would appreciate any link!

Thanks in advance!

Laurent Daudelin
Developer, Adaptive Infrastructure, CIS Fannie Mae
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