ATA & System Updates (was: RE: NTLK Jot v Calligrapher v Newton)

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 10:38:33 CDT

>As for the ATA driver, it will definitely make expanding storage so
>much more affordable and available. I thought an ATA driver was near

It seems possible, and in fact, part of it is in the 2.x ROMs.

My current problem is that my interconnect internal connector is
dead. I have contacted Kensington Electronics to buy some (I will
also order external (male) connectors). Besides, I am quite busy for
the coming weeks.

>But then, so was a System Update. ;-P Thanks Paul for your efforts.

On the contrary to the system update, people who said that an ATA
support was impossible (mainly ExNOSE) didn't know about the presence
of the driver in the ROM. Walter Smith didn't know about the MP2000 &
eMates ROM Images which are on the Lantern DDK CD.

BTW, I may release another update this summer or at the end of the
year, when I'll find how to fix the NewtWorks/Find bug at the lowest
level (this would mean less usage than the fix I made, and more
compatibility, less inconvenients).
I dumped the guilty code already, just no time to try to understand
where memory is not released. (it is just 4 pages for the bugged
code, 1 for the correct function).

I thought about adding other patches, at NS level (such as the prefs
patch & so on).
The problem is the size required. I think it will require an
additional page (hence additional 4 kb on internal store & memory).

I also have deactivated System Patch by Richard C. Li, so that the
-10061 happens again. It happened for the first time few days ago (I
opened all application, defroze them all packages...), but I wasn't
able to investigate because of the serial port. The next time, I'll
try to get more information.

If anyone has technical information about it, I'll be pleased if they
transmit it. Of course, I read the article translated by Georg Oehl,
and I guess I already have all available information.

My first investigation direction is that the heap check fails. This
may mean that with 4 megs machines, (since it only happens with 4
megs, afaik) have another heap master pointer description, and the
bug's there.
The second investigation direction is that maybe some guys at Apple
considered that the maximum RAM was 1 megs, hence 20 bits, and with 4
megs, the new size is 22 bits (something like MacOS old 24 bits -> 32
bits bugs).
The third is a complete reverse-engineer (i.e. including system code
patch, not just NS objects patches) of the system patch 717246 or any
other which enables 4 megs. I was just wondering: is the -10061 bug
available on MP2100 without any patch (i.e. without the increase of
the NS heap?)?



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