Re: ATA & System Updates (was: RE: NTLK Jot v Calligrapher v Newton)

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 14:24:07 CDT

>On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Brian McEwen wrote:
>> >>As for the ATA driver, it will definitely make expanding storage so
>> >>much more affordable and available. I thought an ATA driver was near
>> >>impossible?
>> >
>> >It seems possible, and in fact, part of it is in the 2.x ROMs.
>> >
>> I certainly hope that 2.x means 2.0/MP130!! :)

Well, parts are very probably in the OS 2.0 ROM, too. Part of the
material I used first to investugate was OS 2.0 and newer.
Today, I only work with my loyal MP2100, but there is a good hope.

>well, that would be pretty cool - but arenīt there limitations
>about the maximum mamory size per pcmcia-slot?

Here are the limitations:
a/ PCMCIA Newton Interface: 4 * 64 MB:
Attribute, I/O, Memory & Register.

Hence, the maximum for linear memory cards (i.e. those actually used)
is technically 64 MB.
ATA cards are like a disk. You use the registers to ask for data
which is loaded into the memory space. In fact, a very small part of
this space is used. (except for special Flash ATA cards).

>i heard about
>32MB per slot

b/ That's the OS limitation. There is no way to bypass it. But this
is a *store* limitation, not a card limitation (for (a) heap reasons,
(b) coding reasons). I just thought there could be several stores per

>letīs see what will happen :)

Yes. You'll see. I can't make any promise, since I have no global
idea of what's usable in the ROM code. I have just reverse-engineered
a few ones, and they seemed alright.
And if everything is bug free, just undocumented, it should be possible.

You'll hear about the progress.



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